Pastor’s Guide to Church Reviews


This Pastor’s Guide to Church Reviews is for any pastor or church leader interested in improving your church’s on-line reputation and reaching more people in your city.  In this 3-part series, you will gain insights from the team of on-line marketing experts at ChurchFinder® including…

  • Why church reviews are so important for attracting visitors to your church
  • How your church can get quality reviews and become a 5-star church
  • What tools ChurchFinder provides (including some free ones) to help your church reach more people in your city


Reviews are Used to Make Decisions

Today people make decisions today based on on-line reviews – what restaurant to go to, what hotel to stay at, which movie to watch – almost everything.  Think about how on-line reviews and 5-star ratings influence your everyday decisions.

Product Reviews
Hotel Reviews
restaurant reviews

Seekers are Influenced by Church Reviews

Today when people are searching for a church, 5-star ratings and on-line reviews are a big part of the decision making process.

Pete’s Story

For anyone who has been going to church for years, it can be hard to remember what it’s really like to visit a church for the first time.  Take a few minutes to watch Pete’s Story…

Millions of people are just like Pete…

  • Apprehensive about visiting a church
  • They begin their search on-line
  • Reviews and 5-star ratings influence their decision to visit for the first time

Church Reviews Make a Difference

Today it is essential that pastors and church leaders pay close attention to church reviews and the on-line reputation of the church.

    Does your church have a healthy reputation on-line?

    What are people saying about your church?

    Do you have a 5-star rating on the top church reviews sites?


The next part of this Pastor’s Guide to Church Reviews will help your church reach more people on-line by building the on-line reputation of your church.  Soon, your church will be a 5-star church, reaching more people in your city!

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Did you know?

90% of people say their DECISIONS are influenced by ON-LINE REVIEWS

Source: MarketingLand study