Church Finder – How it Works for Seekers



Reaching the Unchurched and the Churchless

Based on a recent research study, each year in the United States an estimated 46 million adults are
searching for a church on-line. These adults represent 37 million households with an estimated
family population of 94 million people, or 29% of the total U.S. population.*

Millions of People Looking for a Church…

35 Million are Unchurched

Among U.S. adults who do not regularly attend church, 17.4 million searched for a church on-line or visited churches websites within the past year. These adults represent an estimated family population of 35 million people.*

59 million Church Attenders are Looking

With 12% of the U.S. population moving each year, many are searching due to a relocation. The family population of 59 million searching on-line also includes church attenders considering changing churches in the same city.*

Pete’s Story

For anyone who has been going to church for years, it can be hard to remember what it’s really like to visit a church for the first time.  Take a few minutes to watch Pete’s Story…

Millions of people are just like Pete…

  • Apprehensive about visiting a church
  • They begin their search on-line
  • Reviews and 5-star ratings influence their decision to visit for the first time

Without Church Finder, Pete’s search would be frustrating…

Pete Frustrating Search

But Pete is used to this…

5 star ratings and reviews

Church Finder® Simplifies the Process is designed to help seekers on their journey of finding a new church. Church Profiles provide the exact information people are looking for. As they evaluate churches, the 5-star ratings and reviews help them create a Favorites List of churches to visit.


Last year over 4 million seekers used Church Finder to help them on their journey of finding a new church.

* Sources: Google Search Console; “Click Here to Find a Church (Maybe)” – 2015 research
study, Grey Matter Research and Consulting; Christianity Today.